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Consultation Options

Hair Analysis Consultation


In-office and Telehealth video consultation options. ***Must be in person for the hair pull/scan.

This consultation offers a 37 page report, guidance on understanding the report and protocol suggestions to help you heal.




Blood Chemistry Analysis


In-office and Telehealth video consultation options. ***Can be done fully remotely.

This consultation offers a functional lab report, consultation to go over results and provide you with protocols and suggestions to further your healing.

*Labs are required for a Blood Chemistry Analysis.

When you book a Blood Chemistry Analysis, YOU WILL NEED TO MAKE SURE THAT YOUR LABS HAVE BEEN DRAWN AT LEAST 2-3 WEEKS BEFORE YOUR APPOINTMENT. There are a couple of options to get your labs done. The labs we require to create your functional blood report can be found at You can take that list to your practitioner and ask them to requisition the labs for you through your insurance. You will need to upload your lab results to your patient portal 2 weeks prior. The 2nd option is to call our office at 801-691-1765 and ask us to create a requisition for the labs for you via LabCorp. This option does not run through insurance, so the total cost for all the labs out of pocket through the LabCorp option is $299 in addition to the consultation price, payment for which will be taken upon receiving your request for those labs. If you go through this option, you don't need to upload your labs, as we will have access to the results.

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