Essential Oils and Self-Empowerment with Dr. Eric Z

Episode 66: Gutsy Health Podcast 



Show Summary: Dr. Eric Zielinski, the founder of Natural Living Family, talks about the healing power of essential oils for mind, body, soul, and spirit. Dr. Eric Zielinski was introduced to essential oils when he met her wife, Sabrina. She has been using essential oils for chemical burns since she was a child to heal her chemical burns.

Studies also show that essential oils have anti-inflammatory effects and could help patients with cancer, diabetes, blood glucose, and blood pressure. They have been working on creating awareness through their services, books, and healthy products.

It is their advocacy to motivate people to take full control of their lives by being responsible for what they eat and do. They create strategies on using different essential oils and guide their clients on how it's used properly. They also motivate them to go through a holistic approach to reach maximum results.

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The Healing Power Of Essential Oils

3 Exceptional Highlights:

  • If someone's going to use essential oils, but live their fast food or American lifestyle now, it literally is like taking one step forward and two steps backwards
  • If you're struggling with mood,  so many people are just by virtue of knowing that you're doing something good for yourself, put the happy mood dopamine serotonin, boosting essential oils.
  • If you want your body to truly respond to things, your body has to be in a good place to do it.

Show Highlights: 

How did they start their essential oils journey?

Dr. Eric 7:59

  • My wife's been using oils since she was a teenager and she had a chain of chemical burns.

How did their business become popular?

Dr. Eric 18:06

Let's empower the people that actually do this work quickly, like I'm in my research office here, my wife is the one who’s really doing and  formulating a lot of the things.

Major causes of death

Dr. Eric 26:13

  • What the biggest bang for our buck right now is to help people is to focus on the major causes of death..

Effect of the peppermint essential oil

Juanique & Tristin 11:52

  • I don't know any healthy person on the planet, that if you give them peppermint, that they won't automatically jump up and perk up.

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