The Truth About Tristin

Episode 69: Gutsy Health Podcast 



Show Summary: We have different battles. Others may look like they are the happiest when behind the laughter and smile is a heart full of sadness and pain. 

No one exactly knows what each person is going through, whether it's financial, family, or health problems. Because sometimes, it's part of being a loving & caring person; we choose to hide what we feel and spread positivity even if we know that it's taking the toll on us

Our mentors, coaches, healers, or consultants are no exemption to this. The amazing people who empower and guide us also experience challenges in life. But to push you to move forward, they sometimes have to cry in silence, keep their problems to themselves just to see you grow and prosper. 

Like Tristin and Juanique, their mission is to save lives by making a holistic lifestyle change. Behind it is a roller coaster ride of different emotions, anxiety, and stress because of Tristin's battle with cancer. However, this doesn't stop them from raising awareness about taking full responsibility for what you eat and do for long, healthy, and happy lives.

In this episode, they tell you how their journey has been in this year and

  • What symptoms has Tristin been feeling
  • What his current state is
  • Treatments that he undergoes
  • What realizations they have as a married couple with business and health struggles

Listen to this episode, and don't forget to say thanks to the people who help you heal, guide you, and make you happy. 

To all who never stop to work day in and out to make this world a better place, THANK YOU. You are truly FANTASTIC.

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3 Exceptional Highlights:

  • The reason why we are here is because I hope that when people hear this message, it's a course correction, that maybe you would have gotten cancer in five years or 10 years, maybe, but you're not anymore because you're changing your lifestyle because you're changing the food that you are nourishing your body with, you're changing your stress, you are giving your body what it needs to thrive..
  • Disease is so much more than $1 bill
  • We co create with each other. That means that the emotions that we place onto each other have power.

Show Highlights: 

Why did Juanique and Tristin start The Gutsy Health Podcast?

Juanique 9:34

  • The reason why we started this podcast, the reason why I just started talking on a platform to begin with.

Why was the first half of the year so traumatic to both of them?

Tristin 14:30

  •  It was like symptoms coming and going. It was really weird. Fear, anxiety, trauma, panic attacks look the other way.

What was their business struggle?

Juanique 17:45

  • We haven't even spoken about the stress of the business this year. On top of all of this panic from January to July, Provo health just blew up, which we're so grateful for. But we're not business people. 

What was their experience attending the retreat?

Tristin 38:11

  • We showed up to this retreat the first day. And we were both scared out of our minds. Yeah, we're in this house with 50 people. They all know and love each other. They're hugging and talking like, best friends from childhood. We're sitting in a corner. 

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