Ketamine Therapy- How It's Changing PTSD, Anxiety & Depression Healing


Show Summary: "Every substance has an impact on our brain, body, and our mind. If you overeat sugar, your mood does something, and if you have too many stimulants like coffee, your mind does something." 


Post-traumatic stress disorder (PTSD), anxiety, and depression are now experienced by more people, especially during the Covid-19 pandemic. Contracting the disease or having the pain of losing loved ones from it triggers these on people. These can be debilitating and cause people to feel powerless, unmotivated, and worthless. 


So today, we are lucky to have Dr. Michael Sapiro, a clinical psychologist, psychedelic-assisted therapist, Dharma teacher, meditation researcher specializing in utilizing therapies and modalities, who helps retrain the brain and heal people from these psychological problems.


Dr. Sapiro shares how Ketamine can be used for therapy in helping people deal with these psychological problems. Listen as he walks us through the process of how the Boise Ketamine Clinic facilitates Ketamine-assisted Psychotherapy. He explains how this can promote faster healing than traditional psychotherapy, thus helping more people claim back their power over their lives.


Tune in and find out how this therapy can help lots of people. Please share this episode with someone you know who needs it, too. 




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  • The ego will hold on to its defenses for survival. Those of us who want to change and are so ready to do the healing and the growth work, with Ketamine, we dissolve the hold that we have over our ego. 
  • I work with people with severe trauma, and I've never seen a flip out on Ketamine. And I have seen some flip-outs on DMT. But that's because the egos are dissolving and dying. 
  • Our bodies are not our own; we can do our best to take care and love our bodies, strengthen them, and keep them fit and healthy as best as we can at the same time knowing that they will decay and die.  


Show Highlights:


What is Ketamine Therapy?


Dr. Sapiro 6:34


  • Ketamine was used initially as an anesthetic. What they found was people who were put under, like dental surgeries, reported that their depression was gone for months at a time. 


Can you explain what Ketamine does to the ego?


Dr. Sapiro 17:28


  • How Ketamine functions is it puts the nervous system in a state that we would consider more parasympathetic, a little bit downregulated. Because your body is on its own, you're essentially dissociated, but you can still feel and be in the body. But it has a sense of freedom and ease. 


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