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Gut Health During the Holidays - Interview with Andrew Colombini

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Episode 65: Gutsy Health Podcast 



Show Summary: Juanique and Tristin share their interview with Andrew Colombini as a part of the Healthy Holiday Summit, which aims to raise awareness about getting through the holidays by choosing delicious, regret-free treats that power over your cravings while making sure you're staying healthy.

Holidays are supposed to be fun and exciting because you celebrate it with your family. You get to eat delicious foods and treats that your mother, aunt, or grandmother prepared for you. But the sad part of being unconscious of what you eat is it takes you away from a healthy lifestyle that can eventually ruin your body's first brain, which is (evolutionary speaking) the gut.

  • Listen as they give tips on how to maintain your healthy lifestyle while enjoying the rest of the holidays. 
  • Find out how to get your family's support in making a holistic lifestyle change 
  • Get ideas on what kind of food to prepare during holidays.

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3 Exceptional Highlights:

  • Your gut is literally the root system of a tree, you can't buy apples from a second tree and try to put it on your tree, you have to nurture your root system.
  • Gut health without holidays is already bad enough.
  • If you're not producing a lot of hydrochloric acid because you're stressed because you eat a lot of refined grains, because you have a lot of inflammation it means you’re not healing.

Show Highlights: 

How did Juanique and Tristin discover what true health is?

Juanique 3:33

  • It was really interesting because we were at the same hospital, I was getting my 20 week ultrasound. And then I went three floors up to pick him up from his colonoscopy. And I thought like, the worst news of my day would be, oh, something's wrong with my baby. But I realized, nope, something's wrong with my husband.

Heal the gut, heal the mind

Juanique 9:07

  • Because you're either in fight or flight or rest and digest, and most of us are chronically in fight or flight. We can't fight or flight and rest and digest at the same time. We really need to work on healing the gut, but then also healing our mind.

We have bad gut health

Andrew 11:00

  • That's why I really wanted to present this because especially the holidays. We already have bad gut health and now we're gonna add all this other stuff up.

Why are the holidays tough on our gut?

Juanique & Tristin 11:52

  • Well, it's interesting that you mentioned gluten, because if there's one thing that tends to be associated with holiday foods, it's gluten. It's bread, it's cakes, its rolls. It's all of those things. And the reason why it's super hard on our guts is just because of how wheat is manufactured these days.

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