Mind and Body | Heal Trauma Heal Life

Episode 42: Gutsy Health Podcast 

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We often focus a lot on our physical health through nutrition. Today we will be talking about how our mental and emotional health can actually affect our physical health as well. We talk with Kandy Graves, an energy therapist, about healing and trauma. Sometimes we don’t think we have trauma or maybe we aren’t even aware of the trauma in our lives, but everyone has it to some extent. We go through how to work through trauma, tools to use, evidences for the need of emotional health, and where to go from here.

Introduction to Kandy 2:14
Where Trauma Manifests 12:37
Tools for Trauma 44:28
Affirmations 50:08

“The intensity of the experience does not necessarily matter. It’s the intensity of your response to the experience.” 29:18

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