All About Your Thyroid

Episode 48: Gutsy Health Podcast 

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We are getting to the point in our podcast where we get to cover more specific topics. Today’s specific topic is the thyroid. Especially where we are located, we have seen so many women with thyroid issues. It can look different for a lot of people, so we hope this episode gives you the tools to find healing. We took a deep dive into this amazing organ and we have come out with so much information and you can access it all by going to But in today’s episode we talk about Juanique’s story with how she was able to heal her thyroid. We also talk about what can go wrong, what triggers thyroid issues, and overall how to heal the thyroid.

Juanique’s Story with the Thyroid 3:39
Things that Trigger Thyroid Dysfunction 19:54
Things that can go Wrong 27:04
Fundamentals of Healing the Thyroid 51:53

“You cannot just take one thing to fix your thyroid... You can prop yourself up, just like crutches. That’ll keep you off the broken foot, but you’ll be on those crutches for the rest of your life.” 32:35

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