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Today, we talk with Rachel, one of our clients, who has been fighting to learn about her son, Boston’s unique medical condition, and advocating hard for proper medical diagnosis and treatment for him. It began with two lumps on his neck and face, which started to swell and pus. She shares the development of Boston’s condition, including how her pediatrician’s recommendation of antibiotics made no change, and how, seeing her son’s condition worsen, she tried to boost his immune system, change his diet, and search for more answers. She went to a naturopath, who figured it was a lymphatic issue, and first recommended a homeopathic approach to drain and rebound the lymph system. When that didn’t work, the naturopath recommended antibiotics, which were also ineffective. Rachel also cut dairy and gluten out of Boston’s diet. Finally, when she was a new naturopath, she learned about the option of culturing the lumps, and discovered that it was a staph infection. As she continued looking for a solution, she didn’t want to continue with antibiotics, because they had already failed twice, and this pushed her to look for natural treatments that reach the source of the issue without compromising his immune system in the long term. That’s where she found Provo Health, where a DNA hair test showed the unique weaknesses in his immune system, and they were able to begin their treatment with the autoimmune protocol. He was also put on the stealth pathogens protocol, and they saw more change over 6 weeks than there were over a year. The inflammation has gone down and there are just scars left. We talk about the personal change that occurred in Rachel over the course of her journey towards health and healing, allowing her to adapt to the overhaul of her lifestyle that came with it. We emphasize the importance of giving yourself time and grace, so that a change to a healthier lifestyle is at a proper pace that doesn’t add to anxiety. We recognize the importance of a supportive community, focusing on the positive and avoiding shaming when striving for a healthier lifestyle. We invite you to look into our cookbook, which you can order here: We then discuss how we should all be active participants in health care as opposed to passive recipients. We talk about how Provo Health can help with all these things.

Rachel and Boston’s Story 0:25
Coming To Provo Health and Boston’s Turning Point 23:12
Adapting to New Lifestyles in Health and Healing; Boston’s Experience 34:41
The Value of a Supportive Community 55:24

“Then, the DNA hair test showed why my son was susceptible to this chronic infection that wouldn’t go away, and it showed that his body was overloaded with toxins, and fungus, and parasites, and viruses, and more food sensitivities.” 24:43.


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