Information Censorship and Health Freedom

Episode 50: Gutsy Health Podcast 

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Most episodes we talk about healing the body and at times we also talk about healing the mind. Today we talk about healing our country. There is a lot of heated debate and contention within our country and we want to talk about how to have a more open dialogue. Less separation and more coming together. We talk about how we can try to fix the system rather than blaming those that are putting their life on the line. We also talk about how our health system is rather broken right now. We hope that this episode can motivate you to become active and stand up for what you believe.

Introduction 0:15
Cocacola in China 15:53
Shame Casting 22:09
Knowing how to Cook 32:20
Big Pharma and Censorship 38:44

“Even in the best of circumstances, it is very difficult to switch the brain chemistry to crave healthy foods and prefer them over junk food.” 37:04


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