Staying Safe in the Sun | Health Benefits of Sun Exposure and How To Avoid Sun Damage

Episode 52: Gutsy Health Podcast 

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Today’s episode is all about sun safety, debunking myths and promoting the healthiest practices for keeping safe during hot summer days. We begin our conversation by discussing the history behind why the sun is commonly viewed as dangerous and detrimental to our health, focusing on how modern medicine has blamed the sun for causing cancer and melanoma. We explain how this fear of cancer from the sun is unfounded and illogical, and how it is more important to focus on how much our body benefits from the sun by increasing vitamin D levels and strengthening our immune system. We take you through the things that actually cause melanoma and skin cancer, such as irregular sun exposure and improper filtering of artificial light, as well as the blocking of the endocannabinoid system and endorphin pathways, which are both stimulated by being out in the sun. Another is tissue calcium depletion, and that leads us into a discussion of the best ways to supplement calcium, as well as the ingredients to efficient calcium absorption. We explain how sunblock is not the most effective preventative measure, because it only filters out UVB rays, whereas UVA rays are the ones that cause cancer. We also talk about how it can limit vitamin D absorption, and point out that, while it is good for preventing burns in the moment, it is not a long-term solution because people have been using sunblock for years and skin cancer rates are still going up. We instead recommend working your way up to longer periods of sun exposure, as well as the use of an infrared sauna or a Sperti Vitamin D lamp ( We also recommend limiting your exposure to artificial light by spending more time outside, using blue light filters, and timing your sleep with the rising and setting of the sun. We talk about the best supplements to help your body prevent sun damage (you can find a list here: We recommend supplementing Vitamin E, Vitamin C, collagen, and using chlorophyll complex (watch out, it stains green!) and USF ointment (the paste form of Cataplex® F).

The Sun Isn’t Bad For You 3:34
The 5 Necessary Conditions for A Melanoma 16:40
How to Prevent Melanoma and Why We Don’t Like Sunblock 34:38
Best Ways To Treat Sunburns 55:27

“Those are the 5 conditions -- I’m just gonna repeat them one more time: Not getting enough sun, Burning whenever you do go in the sun, Being exposed to artificial light all the time, not getting enough endocannabinoids and endorphins in your system, and tissue-calcium depletion. That is the perfect recipe for melanoma.” 34:04


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