The Antinutrients Strike Back | Choosing and Preparing Foods to Improve Digestion

Episode 52: Gutsy Health Podcast 

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Today’s episode is all about antinutrients. We define them as substances found in foods that cause problems in the body sometimes -- meaning, they are not always harmful to everyone. We talk more in-depth about the food sources and potential harmful effects of specific antinutrients such as Phytic Acid, Lectins, Goitrogens, and Oxalates. We discuss how to prepare foods high in antinutrients to reduce digestive issues. We give you tips on how to adjust your diet if you are particularly sensitive to one of these antinutrients, as well as how to determine whether you do have a sensitivity. We give options for those who have high sensitivities to many antinutrients, such as using certain diets -- like autoimmune paleo and elemental -- as stepping stones to rebalance.

What is an Antinutrient? 4:36
Phytic Acids, Lectins, Goitrogens, Oxalates, 7:43
Protease Inhibitors; Tannin; Tips for Diets 30:33
The Purpose of Nutrition; Success Story 49:07

“Now, if you really want to be sure that your thyroid health is on track, you might want to just do some blood testing, rather than cutting out food groups and trying to guess about what your thyroid’s needing or what your iodine status is like. If you have really low T3, maybe you do need to back off the cruciferous and get more iodine in your foods.” 24:45


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