The Dangers of Glyphosate | How to Limit Your Exposure to Harmful Pesticides

Episode 53: Gutsy Health Podcast 

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In today’s episode, we talk about glyphosate, which is a systemic herbicide and crop desiccant. We begin our discussion by sharing a negative review of our show and discuss the questions it brings up about medical authority. We reaffirm that our platform is to firmly advocate medical freedom and personal choice when it comes to their own health. We then encourage anyone who believes in freedom or has been the victim of oppression (at the hands of medical professionals or otherwise) has the obligation to listen to the voices crying for freedom as part of the Black Lives Matter Movement. We talk about the effects of the Mansfield Amendment in 1969, which took away all of the neutral funding set aside by the government and military for 3rd party scientists to research health topics. We explain how this has introduced bias (most of the time subconscious) into the reports and findings of scientists in the favor of the agendas of those who are now funding them. We discuss the evidence for harmful effects of glyphosate and all the ways it can be manifest in what we consume. One example is that glyphosate affects pituitary functions in the body by disrupting manganese levels. We then focus on how you can reduce your exposure to glyphosate, inviting you to find out which foods have the highest exposure to pesticides and other chemicals (search for the “dirty dozen” on As part of this, we give you a list of foods sprayed mostly with glyphosate, which includes a lot of grains. We emphasize the importance of buying organic and growing your own foods. We invite you to follow Zach Bush (, or go ask questions on or to learn more about this and similar subjects.

Inspiration for Today’s Topic; Medical Freedom In the Context of BLM Protests 0:27
History of Glyphosate Research; Toxic Buildup From Glyphosate 8:02
Glyphosate and Manganese; 31:08
How Can You Decrease Your Exposure to Glyphosate? 37:09

“I would say 9 out of 10 of our clients that come to us have an inability to digest food properly. They have heartburn, they’re bloated, they’re gassy all the time, they’re uncomfortable when they eat, they have indigestion, and they ask, ‘why? Why do I have this?’ And, in a nutshell, I say, well, aging and inflammatory foods. Glyphosate is an inflammatory molecule on these inflammatory foods.” 27:37


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