What's Safe for My Child? | Children's Supplementation

Episode 45: Gutsy Health Podcast 

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To start things off, we must first say that supplements are not to make up for a bad diet. However, there are many great supplements that can aid our diets. Often people have questions about when to start giving supplements to their kids, or if it’s even safe in the first place. We talk about different age groups, what is safe, what brands we recommend, and dosage. We also dig in a bit to our genes and what they may tell us about the supplements we should take.

Helping vs. Harming 5:06
Newborns 15:32
Toddlers 22:38
Young Children 47:51
Genes 50:54

“You cannot substitute healthy eating with supplements. No amount of supplementation going to make up for a bad diet.” 14:35



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