Why Doctors Dont Listen | Interview With Dr. John Sanders

Episode 57: Gutsy Health Podcast 

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We have a culture of doctors who just don’t listen. It’s partially their fault and partially not. He’s a family physician. Has done dermatology, pediatrics, chiropractic work. About 70% of his energy is put to a computer rather than to a patient and understanding them. We don’t have doctors running the hospitals. Instead they’re run by business men, which can be a conflict between doctors, who focus more on patients, and administrators, who focus more on the system. In some states it’s illegal for non physicians to own clinics. The corporations running the health systems tend to be more concerned about the investor than the patients. The typical doctor feels restraints of the system. The problem is there is no time to create trust. There are usually multiple patients waiting in the next room, so the doctor has no time to linger or listen to you for long. As doctors own their own practice, they will have more time to meet with patients and really find out what’s going on with each individual patient. We have to change the whole model in order to provide the care that people need. By giving quick diagnoses, doctors have made themselves obsolete in a way. The system prevents them from having a higher quality diagnosis. Each office visit pays the same whether the doctor addresses 2 things or 10 things, so in this way the system doesn’t support the patient. Most Docs are risk averse and not entrepreneurial. They need a better model to better help the patient. The art of medicine is spending more time with and taking better care of people. It makes the life of a doctor so much better and more fulfilling. It takes more than just a few to change the system. We need the middle class and upper class to bring about change. The middle class needs to invest in their local direct primary care (DPC) clinic. Every dollar you put towards your local DPC is money that will help them grow and therefore help your community. Dr. John Sanders doesn’t charge another copay if they haven’t gotten to the bottom of his patients’ problem, even if you have spent an hour trying to find the problem. Sometimes patients can even send him a text with a picture of the issue, and he can reply to them letting them know if it’s a bigger deal or not. America consumes 45% of the medication in the world, even though it only contains 5% of the overall population. DPC’s can prevent you from having too much medication shoved in your face.

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“How many people have we talked to who have been through five or six rounds of medications, all of them caused terrible side effects, none of them addressed any of the actual problems, and then when we sit down and spend 30, 45, or 60 minutes with them, we find out ‘oh, here’s what’s really going on here.’ It changes their life, but then they’ve had so much pain and frustration and have wasted so much time and money, and it shouldn’t have to be that way.” 24:19


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