The Healing Pyramid | Nutrition, Stress, and Treatments

Episode 2: Gutsy Health Podcast

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In this episode, Juanique and Tristin talk about the healing pyramid that they created with their health clinic. Bad health isn't an inconvenience that gets in the way of your life, it is your life. Many try to heal with minimal effort, but because of that they often get minimal results. In order to heal, people need to get the proper nutrition and follow the correct practices. Healing isn't just about supplements and pills, so learn what you can do to maximize your health. 

1:37 The healing pyramid 
7:58 The foundation: nutrition 
20:43 Rather eat bad food with the right mentality than the right food with the wrong mindset 
24:26 The second tier: stress and movement 
35:51 The third tier: supplements, medication, and treatments 
39:23 When is the right time to look at treatments 

The Healing Pyramid:
The Healing Pyramid:

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