Sleep and Health | Why and How to Get Better Sleep

Episode 31: Gutsy Health Podcast 

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In this episode of Gutsy Health, we talk about sleep. We often put busyness on a pedestal but often we are sacrificing our health for things that are hurting us. We talk about the things that prevent good sleep including diet, technology, the idea of association, and more. There is much that we don’t understand about sleep, however we know that it is a way that we are able to heal. When we don’t allow ourselves to sleep it could be affecting you in more ways than you know.

Culture of Sleep 0:15
What leads to bad sleep? 4:57
What Prevents Sleep 19:32
How to Help while Healing 45:20

“If you have an association with anything other than sleeping in your room, you will have a hard time getting good quality sleep.” 25:47


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