Stealth Pathogens | The Best Approach to Mystery Symptoms

Episode 28: Gutsy Health Podcast 

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In this episode of Gutsy Health, we talk about immune system dysfunctions, often thought of as medical mystery illnesses. Typically, due to their complexity, these stealthy pathogens are misdiagnosed and it's extremely difficult to find help. Many of the people who have these issues have gone through the medical system and came out with no answers, still feeling crummy. Throughout the episode, we talk about what a stealth pathogen is, the typical symptoms, and where to go from there.

Introduction to Stealth Pathogens 1:06
Types of Stealth Pathogens 12:35
Finding what you have/symptoms 20:54
Where do you go from here? 31:04

“If we have enough of the symptoms doesn’t necessarily matter if we know exactly which of these stealth pathogens is active...Because you treat it the same.” 20:56


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