Mandatory Vaccine Laws and Medical Freedom | Deconstructing the Argument

Episode 13: Gutsy Health Podcast

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The topic of today's episode is the very complex and often inflammatory subject of vaccine laws. In this episode, Tristin and Juanique delicately cover the subject in a way that focuses on medical freedom and personal responsibility for the choices we make for our bodies and the bodies of our family members. Tristin and Juanique want to make space for both sides of the argument and aren't trying to say one side is more correct than the other. They cover some of the history involved in the vaccine argument, as well as the research behind the topic. Listen in to get more informed about both sides of the argument.

3:45 Diving into the topic
13:50 Representing both sides of the argument
23:43 Getting into the safety aspects of vaccines
32:25 Gene mutation
40:36 Reactions to vaccines


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