Go Outside | How To Feel Better and Reduce Exposure to Indoor Toxins

Episode 54: Gutsy Health Podcast 

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In this episode, we talked to Ryan Blaser (https://testmyhome.com/ryan-blaser), a specialist in EMF’s. He was featured on previous episodes, EMFs and Environmental Stressors and EMFs Revisited. We talk about all the synthetic materials that surround us in our homes, adversely affecting our health by off-gassing harmful frequencies. We focus on the harm that can come from artificial lighting. We discuss the adverse effects of too much exposure to light from screens, CFLs, and fluorescent lights, explaining how it has proven to cause sleep disorders, ADD and ADHD, depression, seizures, melanomas of the eye, etc. We talk about how artificial lights can alter our circadian rhythms, talking about their potential influence on adrenal fatigue, cortisol production, and mitochondrial function, as demonstrated by the 2pm slump. We give suggestions for reducing exposure to artificial blue light and getting more exposure to natural lights. We talk about ways to reduce screen time or make it more healthy (through screen time apps or apps like https://justgetflux.com/). We discuss addictions to digital media because of artificial, immediate, endorphin-producing rewards. We talk about how social media and gaming are shaping social interactions. We talk about the rewards of outdoor activity, as well as the benefits of media fasts (including how we have included it in our liver reset program at Provo Health). We urge parents to consider the development of the brain chemistry of your kids, and limit their screen time accordingly. We invite you to keep the windows open for a couple hours every day to flush out stale air and harmful particulates. We give you an important tip to open the window and use the exhaust fan when cooking with a gas stove to reduce carbon monoxide exposure. We advise that you change your HVAC filters at least every 3-4 months, and look for a quality filter with a MERV (Minimum Efficiency Reporting Value) rating of at least 13. We recommend that you avoid all chemical or synthetic fragrances like Febreze. We recommend you look up and review the MSDS (Material Safety Data Sheet) of all household products you use. We discuss how, while some are only concerned with high concentrations of toxic ingredients, the micro doses we receive across all the synthetic products are making us sicker than we’ve ever been before. Products are never tested in combinations like these -- only individually. We talk about titanium dioxide, used in beauty products, and even supplements, and how it can cause gut inflammation and other diseases. We warn that synthetic materials can be endocrine-disruptors, stunting growth in children and causing infertility and hormonal imbalances in growing people. We talk about the micro toxins that can come from molds, and how easily mold can develop in our homes.

We’re Spending Too Much Time Indoors in a Synthetic Environment 2:09
Ideal Lighting For Optimal Health; Reducing Screen Time 19:27
Other Tips For the Indoor Generation 36:40
Tips to Boost the Immune System 56:50

“The problem is a lot of homes these days are built with unnatural building products, synthetic products, products that don’t breathe, that off-gas VOC’s (Volatile organic compounds). So, one of the big ones is lighting -- you know, unnatural lighting. Our eyes need the sun. And when we use these unnatural lights -- like CFLs that flicker, and they have liquid mercury in them -- they put off EMSs. And then fluorescent lights the same way. That’s a big one. And then the chemicals that we bring into the house. All of our cosmetics, beauty supplies, all of the furniture we bring in is off-gassing. And since Covid has gone on, some people aren’t leaving their house at all.” 6:24


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