Your Liver Needs a Reset | Detoxification and Liver Function

Episode 58: Gutsy Health Podcast 

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Juanique and Tristin discuss the importance of detoxification, why it can stop working very efficiently, what happens to you when it stops working efficiently, and how you can supercharge it to get yourself back on a healing pathway. The liver is an essential piece of hormone management. The liver has over 500 functions in the body. Our modern environment seems to be terrible at making us healthy. Many foods that we eat have plenty of added chemicals and pesticides that our bodies are not meant to digest. Living a heavily stressful lifestyle can affect your liver negatively. Not only are foods unhealthy for us in modern society, but are also highly addictive. Three phases of detoxification. Phase 1) Bioactivation. Liver sends out enzymes to tag the toxins in your system letting your body know they are present. Phase 2) Conjugation phase. Your liver adds little molecules to the tagged toxins, so they are either water soluble or fat soluble. Phase 3) Flush toxins out of your body through urination or defecation. In some people, their phase two is not working properly, so their body will try and find the nearest exit, which can often be the skin. Phase 2 is very dependent on the foods you eat. When we eat unhealthy foods, oily, sugary foods, we aren’t giving our bodies the necessary tools it needs to digest properly, so things begin to shut down. Either you’re eating things that can contribute to eliminating toxins, or you’re eating things that your body needs to eliminate. Fiber is absolutely essential to the digestive system. If you don’t defecate regularly, your body is marinating in your feces. You need to get rid of those toxins. The liver produces bile, and bile is an emulsifier for fats, which help us to absorb fatty acids. So things can get caught in a vicious cycle when the liver isn’t doing well. Liver damage can happen from unhealthy fats and sugars. Your ears can indicate issues with your liver, such as ringing. Many issues around your body can be linked back to your liver. Even your sex hormones can be negatively impacted. There are three parts to healing your liver. Part 1 is nutrition. Start your first week eliminating fruits to help the liver get back on its feet because it will lighten the workload on your liver. Our program comes with meal plans for you. The other thing you’re eliminating is other things that are putting a lot of strain on your liver, such as coffee. Part 2 is supplements. SP Cleanse is an incredibly food based liver nutrient rich product that is entirely food based. You will be taking 7 of these per day. Part 3 is lifestyle factors. How are you taking care of what is in your heart and in your mind? Emotional toxicity in your life can create stress, which directly affects your physical health. The liver is the anger organ. When you get angry, your liver is impacted. Connect with people. Go outside. Do what will improve your mood and mental health. If you want meaningful and fundamental changes in your health, then you have to make meaningful and fundamental changes in your whole life. Not just in your digestive health.

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“A blood test is not going to tell you [if something is wrong with your liver]… Your liver enzymes only get elevated when there is already damage going on. It is not a measure of liver function. It’s a measure of liver damage. So just because your liver isn’t damaged doesn’t mean your liver is doing what it’s supposed to do. So if your liver enzymes look totally normal, but all of your inflammation markers like CRP, Homocysteine, Fibrinogen, Ferritin. If they’re all super elevated, there’s a decent chance there’s something going on with your liver. If your hormones are a total mess, maybe that’s your liver.” 28:00


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