EMFs Revisited | How to Protect Yourself

Episode 40: Gutsy Health Podcast 

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In a previous episode we did with Ryan Blaser, we took a look at how our technology is affecting our minds and bodies, specifically through EMF’s. We got Ryan to come back to take a deeper look and see how we can really avoid EMF’s. If you haven’t listened to the previous episode with Ryan, that is fine. We do a brief overview of EMF’s in the episode. We cover EMF regulations that exist, what products can help and what is bogus, we go into simple habits that can increase your health a ton, and we also go into how older vs newer homes can affect us.

What Should we in General Watch Out For 3:17
EMF Regulations 13:45
Difficulty Accepting 19:27
Products to Prevent EMF’s
Old Homes vs New Homes 40:58


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