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Childhood Behavioral Issues | Holistic Factors of Behavioral Disorders

Feb 12, 2020

Episode 34: Gutsy Health Podcast 

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In this episode of Gutsy Health, we have the chance to talk with Morgan Thomas, a preschool teacher of 11 years. Morgan has started a preschool that not only teaches academia but also emotional education. She has found that emotional habits, good or bad, can start being learned at the young preschool age. If not treated seriously, it can create habits very difficult to overcome later. We also talk about the school system and what needs to change, how to talk and be open with your kids, understanding children’s emotions, and how the environment we create can be affecting our kids. Generally speaking, we live in a nonstop environment that often is teaching kids to never slow down. Join us in this episode as we learn what we need to help our children grow emotionally.

Introduction to Morgan :45
Necessary Changes 6:25
What’s needed in...

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Children's Nutrition and Behavioral/Emotional Health

Feb 05, 2020

Episode 33: Gutsy Health Podcast 

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In this episode Gutsy Health, we further the discussion on children’s behavior. As parents, we often see their behavior through adult eyes and don’t notice the hidden messages that our children are giving. They don't always know how to express their emotions in words, so instead, they show it through their behavior. We talk about how food and exposure to man-made creations can affect the behavior and mental health of our children. Let’s find healing at the root of the problem and stop putting a bandaid on the issue.

Intro to Episode 1:57
Young Years and Food 7:54
Importance of Trace Minerals 22:17
Current Exposures to Children 33:49
Conclusion 67:13

“You know that when your children aren’t feeling well, they don’t behave well.” 67:13


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Creating Healthy Eaters | Guidelines for Parents

Oct 01, 2019

Episode 14: Gutsy Health Podcast

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In this episode, Juanique and Tristin talk to parents about teaching kids how to eat healthily. This can be very difficult and overwhelming for a lot of parents, so this episode is to help take away the horrifying aspects of overcoming these difficulties. They provide tips and tools that you can apply today.


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