Hormones | How to Protect and Optimize Your Hormones

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Episode 9: Gutsy Health Podcast

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Hormones are terribly understood by the general populace and even among medical professionals. Girls as young as 9, 10, and 11 are having terrible hormonal issues. In this episode, Tristin and Juanique talk about how you can protect your hormones and how to optimize your hormones. Some imbalances, such as when someone has hypothyroidism, can cause weight gain, low libido, and constant fatigue. This can really affect the general wellbeing of any individual with these issues. Since 1973, sperm count in men has gone down as much as 60%. Clearly, there are a lot of issues being caused by hormonal issues. Listen in to this episode to arm yourself with more knowledge about your hormones. 

3:05 Hypothyroidism 
13:55 Birth control and how it affects hormones
25:44 Why these issues aren't being addressed in the medical field
32:30 The four hormone organs in the body 
40:30 Sex hormones 
56:27 What they do in the clinic for patients with hormone imbalances 

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