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Neurological Effects Of Sugar & Insulin

Jun 14, 2021

Episode 92: Gutsy Health Podcast 


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Show Summary: “Give your brain a break, let it be the true hybrid engine that it wants to be, and quit depriving it of this alternative or additional fuel, namely ketones.”


A lot of people have requested for Dr. Benjamin Bikman to be in the podcast again, and he's back with more valuable information that can save you and your family's lives! In the 89th episode, he discussed how glucose could kill and how it triggers different diseases when it goes up. Now, he'll discuss how it could affect the human body's neurological health.


When the brain is hungry, it can cause neurological problems. It's because the brain can't get enough energy from glucose, and there are simply no ketones around to provide the alternative fuel. Sadly, people usually eat sugary & starchy foods that don't have ketones, depriving the brain of what it needs.



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Insulin, Sugar & Blood Sugar - An Explanation

May 24, 2021

Episode 89: Gutsy Health Podcast 


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Show Summary: “When blood sugar stays in the bloodstream, it causes inflammation and damage to other organs.”


Last week's episode with Dr. Benjamin Bikman was a very beneficial & comprehensive education about insulin and blood glucose. He spoke about the biochemistry of what happens in the body when we overeat sugar and how we get sick from hormone dysfunction and inflammation.


But for those who find it quite overwhelming and technical, Juanique and Gina created a short bonus episode for you, which explains the mechanism of glucose & insulin. They use different and simple analogies to help you understand better how to monitor the food you eat, the daily activities you do, and familiarize yourself with the terminologies you can use to educate your loved ones.


Don't forget to share this with your family and friends who have listened to the...

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Insulin - The Root Cause of Disease

May 17, 2021

Episode 86: Gutsy Health Podcast 


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Show Summary: “When glucose goes up, it can kill you.”


Essentially, human metabolism is fueled by two energy sources, those are glucose and fat. But too much intake, especially of glucose, puts your health at risk. That's where insulin comes in, which keeps your blood glucose within the normal range.


Every cell responds to insulin differently. So if a person has insulin resistance, it means that some of his cells are resistant (ex. muscle). While, some are sensitive as they were (ex. cells in the ovaries or on the adrenal gland), which sends the wrong signal to the body to produce more hormones and causes a vast dysfunction.


In this episode with Dr. Benjamin Bikman, the author of the book Why We Get Sick, they break the misconception about insulin resistance. They also discuss why monitoring your insulin (not just your glucose) can be your lifesaver....

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Why We Lose Libido As We Age

Apr 19, 2021

Episode 83: Gutsy Health Podcast 


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Show Summary: “Women have such delicate hormones. They experience shifts at different times that make them feel that their body is at war against them.”


Women are natural nurturers. They are great at multitasking, particularly in taking care of their children, working, and doing household chores. But as they age, they experience different issues in their bodies, such as weight gain, loss of libido, and loss of energy.


These issues cause mood changes, difficulty to stay in shape, and usually have crazy cravings. And it doesn't only happen with moms, even in single and younger women, which is quite alarming, especially for the younger generation.


In this episode, Juanique and Gina discuss the other possible reasons why you don't feel like yourself because of these shifts in your body, their personal experiences and how you can prevent it from...

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Balancing Women's Hormones | Getting to the Root of Female Hormonal Issues | Nina Boyce

Dec 24, 2019

Episode 27: Gutsy Health Podcast 

Listen to "Balancing Women's Hormones | Getting to the Root of Female Hormonal Issues | Nina Boyce" on Spreaker.

In this episode of Gutsy Health, we interview Nina Boyce, a women’s hormone coach who experienced major hormonal trials and found solutions through eating right and holistic health. Many people have hormonal issues and push through it without knowing that the problem can end. That was Nina’s story. Today, we cover our diets, some “do not touch” items, birth control, how to help the liver, and menstrual cycles. Find Nina @nourishedwithnina on Instagram to support and learn more from her.

Introduction to Nina 1:20
How to Start 23:06
Birth Control 38:52
The Liver 45:52
Main Things to Avoid 53:06

“As soon as I started really changing the diet and also actively reducing my stress response... I started to feel that veil lift, like immediate changes.” 9:28


Listen on: 

Spotify | Apple...

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Hormones | How to Protect and Optimize Your Hormones

Sep 03, 2019

Episode 9: Gutsy Health Podcast

Listen to "Hormones | How to Protect and Optimize Your Hormones" on Spreaker.

Hormones are terribly understood by the general populace and even among medical professionals. Girls as young as 9, 10, and 11 are having terrible hormonal issues. In this episode, Tristin and Juanique talk about how you can protect your hormones and how to optimize your hormones. Some imbalances, such as when someone has hypothyroidism, can cause weight gain, low libido, and constant fatigue. This can really affect the general wellbeing of any individual with these issues. Since 1973, sperm count in men has gone down as much as 60%. Clearly, there are a lot of issues being caused by hormonal issues. Listen in to this episode to arm yourself with more knowledge about your hormones. 

3:05 Hypothyroidism 
13:55 Birth control and how it affects hormones
25:44 Why these issues aren't being addressed in the medical field
32:30 The four hormone organs in the body ...

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