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Covid-19 Vaccine — Should You Take It

Feb 23, 2021

Episode 76: Gutsy Health Podcast 


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Show Summary: "Vaccines are meant to stimulate your immune system."

The pandemic has been testing the mental, physical and emotional well-being of people worldwide since it started. Many felt the fear of losing their lives or their loved ones because of how dangerous it has become. Wearing masks, face shields, and social distancing are now the new norm. Restrictions are everywhere to prevent the virus from spreading and taking the lives of many. The decrease in economic growth has been felt, especially in third-world countries.


But the question is, until when do we suffer from this? Now that vaccines are developed, many believe and hope that the pandemic is soon coming to an end. However, it sparks multiple reactions and emotions from different people. Some are afraid to get it, while others can't wait to be vaccinated.


"Is it safe for all ages?"

"Will it prevent the...

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Exercise and Brain Health Interview with Jennifer Etnier

Dec 29, 2020

Episode 72: Gutsy Health Podcast 


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Show Summary: “There's one organ in the body that's designed to benefit off of movement and that's the brain.”

Jennifer Etnier,  a fellow at the American College of Sports Medicine and the National Academy of Kinesiology,  focuses on physical activity's cognitive benefits. Her mom inspired her mission to spark awareness about the ability of exercise to improve brain functions.

It started when she noticed the difference in his mom's ability to problem-solve, mostly around technology, compared to his father's. At the age of 80, her mom still plays pickleball for two to three hours a day, which is not a regular activity for adults. She also hikes a lot, and she stays active with gardening and all sorts of activities.

Right now, they're doing a clinical trial that's supported by the National Institute of aging. They're looking at the potential benefits of a one-year...

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Research in the Medical Field | How to Become a Research Expert

Aug 20, 2019

Episode 7: Gutsy Health Podcast

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How do you navigate the ocean of research that often contradicts itself? Tristin and Juanique delve into the ins and outs of how to properly engage with medical research. The reason this is needed is because, no matter the ideology, there seems to be research that supports it. There seems to be research that supports many conflicting views on health. Listen in to this episode to learn about the different types of research, how to analyze the information provided, and what to do with proper research


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