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S2E95 - Healing The Unhealable- Updating Childhood Beliefs That Made You Sick with Britt Lefkoe [Replay]

Dec 20, 2023

Show Summary: 

“So much of what I see in illness is we don't trust our bodies because we don't trust ourselves. Once we trust ourselves, life becomes so much easier.”


Do you ever wonder why you seem to get sick so often?


What if I told you that sickness may actually be serving a purpose, and you have the power to use your mind to create the neurochemicals necessary for healing?




Tune in to this replay episode as we revisit our conversation with the brilliant Britt Lefkoe. She empowers high-achieving individuals and businesses to overcome limiting beliefs for success. In this episode, we explore the fascinating world of subconscious programming and its profound effects on our bodies and lives. Learn the impact of childhood environments on our adult perceptions, the significant role of self-compassion in the healing process, and the importance of fostering emotional intelligence in children. 


Ready to break...

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S2E94 - How To Heal Your Gut- The Gut Restoration Protocol

Dec 20, 2023

Show Summary: 

“If you've been experiencing bloating, gassiness, or heartburn, you may be living with gut issues without even realizing it. By focusing on healing the gut through the five R's (remove, replace, repair, repopulate, and rebalance), we can address digestive dysfunction and improve overall health.”


Want a healthier gut and a vibrant life?


Ever wondered why gut health problems have become so pervasive in our society?


Curious about the connection between stress, antibiotics, and the foods you eat on your gut health?


If you answered yes to any of these questions, you’ll want to tune in to this replay episode! 


This episode is making a comeback by popular demand because it's simply too good to miss. Join us as we revisit the fascinating subject of gut health and restoration. Discover the shocking statistics and modern-day factors that contribute to gut dysfunction, and gain valuable insights and...

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S2E93 - Getting Through Infertility - A Gutsy Health Member's Real Life Story

Dec 20, 2023

Show Summary: 


“The journey of infertility can be traumatic, but with the right mindset, lifestyle changes, and a holistic approach, you can heal. By taking inspired action, seeking support, and learning step by step, one can navigate the journey more effectively.”


Are you struggling with infertility and feeling lost in an emotional rollercoaster?


Are you yearning for answers while drowning in information overload?


We understand, and we're here to help restore your hope and control.


In this replay, we revisit one of our most loved episodes: our interview with Katie Vaal, an inspiring member of the Gutsy Health Academy. After hitting rock bottom, Katie bravely traversed the storm of infertility and found her path to healing and empowerment in just one year. Tune in to discover the transformative changes she made in her nutrition, environment, and mindset.


Whether it's for you or someone you care about, share this...

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S2E92 - The Biggest Needle Movers for Powerful Aging with JJ Virgin

Dec 20, 2023

Show Summary: 

“If you want to age gracefully and fully enjoy your golden years, focus on the key drivers of well-being such as proper nutrition, exercise, quality sleep, and a positive mindset.”


Have you ever heard the saying, "Age is just a number"?


Do you want to know the keys to a healthy, happy, and fulfilling life, no matter how old you are?


If you're curious about the science behind powerful aging, this episode is for you!


Join Juanique and Gina as they sit down with JJ Virgin, a renowned nutrition and fitness expert, host of the Well Beyond 40 Podcast, and New York Times bestselling author. Explore the fascinating world of longevity and well-being – from debunking the myths around aging to sharing the transformative practices that can help you live your best life.


Whether you're in your 30s, 40s, or beyond, get ready to rewrite the rules of aging and embrace your age with grace and confidence. Tune into...

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S2E91 - Treatment Options for Complex Health Conditions with Dr. Jeff Wright

Dec 20, 2023

Show Summary:


“Build a healthy foundation by avoiding toxins, getting enough sleep, and incorporating grounding practices. Intravenous ozone combined with ultraviolet light shows promise in managing autoimmune disease, as well as peptides and hyperbaric oxygen therapies.”


Is your current health journey leaving you with more questions than answers?


Seeking alternatives that address the root causes of complex health conditions rather than just alleviating symptoms?


Wondering if there are innovative solutions that offer both relief and lasting healing?


Join us as we dive into the world of treatment options for complex health conditions, guided by the expertise of Dr. Jeff Wright. Whether you’re navigating autoimmune issues such as Lyme or inflammatory bowel disease (IBD) or dealing with chronic infections, mold, or Epstein-Barr, Dr. Wright provides valuable insights and explores therapeutic avenues that could redefine your...

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S2E90 - Exploring the Link Between Neurological Dysfunction and Coinfections with Dr. Jeff Wright

Dec 20, 2023

Show Summary:

“Our single most valuable tool is history. Blood tests are awesome and very useful to narrow things down. But history is absolutely the most important thing.”


Do you experience unexplained neurological symptoms that have persisted for years despite seeing countless doctors?


Or have you noticed sudden personality changes or a gnawing sense that something is off, but you can't quite put your finger on it?


Are you ready to understand the root cause of your complex health issues and their connection to brain health so you can prevent potential damage?


If so, this episode is for you!


Join us as we explore the fascinating world of neurological dysfunctions and uncover the hidden ties to complex illnesses and infections such as parasites, viruses, and bacteria. Our guest, Dr. Jeff Wright, a renowned naturopathic medical family doctor and functional medicine practitioner, shares comprehensive protocols for effectively...

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S2E58 - Tapping Into Our Body’s Wisdom Through Medical Intuition

Feb 20, 2023


Show Summary: 


“My body had grown a benign tumor. I had been reading Deepak Chopra’s ‘Quantum Healing’ about healing our bodies with our minds. When my doctor advised removal, I said, ‘Do you mind if I try to get rid of it with my mind?’. I went home and visualized scrubbing it away. In two weeks of doing that, the tumor shrunk by half. My doctor wigged out. That experience taught me what the mind-body connection is all about.”


There is no denying that science has made remarkable strides in helping us understand our bodies’ inner workings. However, despite this wealth of knowledge, we still struggle to grasp the complete picture of our health and wellness.


Missing pieces in our current healthcare system cannot be resolved by scientific knowledge, integrative functional medicine, and energy work alone. Enter medical intuition, which bridges the gap between science, heart, and soul.



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S2E57 - Think and Advocate Your Own Way of Healing

Feb 13, 2023


Show Summary: 

"This should be a fundamental business lesson for everyone; No matter what people say to you or promise you when they tell you not to bring a lawyer to a contract signing, don't listen. I made that mistake, and it cost me everything. It represented my lack of self-confidence in doing this on my own and my lack of self-love and boundaries.”


Controversy is brewing in the medical industry, and it’s time we pay attention. Finally, the lies and misinformation perpetuated by the so-called "medicinal matrix" are being exposed, thanks to the bravery of a few medical professionals speaking out. 


Gutsy Health Podcast is honored to welcome our guest, Dr. Jess Peatross, a former hospitalist and internal medicine physician turned certified Gerson practitioner and functional medicine expert. 


Frustrated with the modern medical industry's reliance on drugs, Dr. Jess Peatross sought alternative solutions to help her...

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S2E56 - The Power of Slowing Down - Juanique Roney's Journey to Healing

Feb 06, 2023


Show Summary: 


"Tristan's death taught me my power. But my illness taught me to be gentle and submissive to what it actually takes to honor yourself and your boundaries. I thought I knew what ease and grace were, but the dysfunction literally disabled me so I could learn my lesson."


Losing a loved one is one of the most painful experiences a person can go through. The emotional weight of watching someone you care about fade away is excruciating and can cause a heavy toll on the body and mind. 


In today's episode, we have the privilege of hearing Gutsy Health Founder, Juanique Roney, share her powerful story of overcoming adversity and reclaiming her health. A year after her husband's death, she felt as though an atomic bomb had gone off in her body, leaving her struggling with a multitude of symptoms, including those similar to Lyme disease, MCAS, Epstein-Barr syndrome, multiple sclerosis, depression, and anxiety.


Despite the...

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S2E55 - Sarah Williams - Her Remarkable Healing Journey

Jan 30, 2023


Show Summary: 

"After I finished my second liver cleanse, my eczema and acne were completely gone. My hair started growing, and my energy was back. I could get out of bed in the morning and wasn't falling asleep at one o'clock anymore. At last, I could see many significant shifts happening.”


Motherhood can be a lonely and difficult journey, especially if societal expectations bombard women about how they should look and feel. After each childbirth, one may experience extreme fatigue, postpartum depression, chronic yeast infections, thyroid dysfunction, weight gain as well as other ailments.


The harsh reality is that when most mothers seek answers for various symptoms, doctors often dismiss their health issues as normal, and worse, they are not trying hard enough to lose weight. This experience can leave desperate mamas feeling isolated and frustrated, not knowing where to seek help.


Today, our guest is Sarah Williams, one of the...

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