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Raising Healthy Eaters with Healthy Boundaries

Jan 17, 2022

Show Summary: "You can't force children to eat anything, but you can choose what foods are being put in front of them."


Teaching children how to eat healthy food is a challenge for parents of every generation. And today, we are exposed to more and more junk food, making us lose our healthy boundaries with our kids. We succumb to whatever they want to eat, which leads to long-term ramifications, like getting sick or getting different kinds of autoimmune diseases at significantly younger ages. 


So today, we have Mariah Sage, a family coach who helps families set up systems that support their dynamics to create more ease and flow in the family unit. She helps families honor, navigate, and understand each other gently. Her goal is to help parents teach and train their children to make healthy food choices at the earliest age possible. 


Listen to the episode and discover how to make positive changes in our kids' food approach. Let's make...

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Spore Based Probiotics - Why is it superior to probiotics?

Jan 17, 2022

Show summary:"If your microbiome is decimated, your immune system is blind, and that is how your immune system would attack everything."


Today's episode unpack frequently asked questions and correct the numerous misinformation about probiotics, gut health, and gut flora with our special guest Kiran Krishnan. Kiran is the co-founder and chief scientific officer of Microbiome Labs, and he is a frequent lecturer on the human microbiome at health and nutrition conferences. Kiran is a brilliant person who's like a walking dictionary. That's why we've been wanting him to be on the podcast.


Kiran shares more understanding about symbiogenesis - the forced relationship between different species because of the proximity in a given area. He explains further how microbes reside in every part of our body, especially in our gut, providing an array of benefits so we can live harmoniously.


However, the misinformation about the symbiotic relationship of these...

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Getting Through Infertility - A Gutsy Health Member's Real Life Story

Jan 17, 2022

Show Summary: “If you're dealing with infertility, you probably have some form of PTSD, and you got to take care of yourself. You got to see where your triggers are.”


In this episode, we're so happy to share with you the story of Katie Vaal, a member of the Gutsy Health Program who is now on her way to being a self-healing champion. Katie had infertility and the early signs started when she was young. When she had her first period, the bleeding didn't stop, and she thought it was normal. Together with her mom, they visited an OBGYN, and the solution given to her was to go on birth control to help regulate her period.


Katie was on birth control for 13 years. And when she got married, she decided to stop it, which prevented her from having a period, resulting in no pregnancy. But her journey started to shift when she got rid of all of the endocrine disruptors; chemically-based products. Through the help of the Just Ingredients podcast &...

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2nd Season's Pilot Episode

Jan 17, 2022
Show Summary: “Gutsy Health podcast is a place that brings you peace, light, and a frequency to self-healing.”


***This episode was recorded before 2021 ended.***


Finally! The second season of the Gutsy Health Podcast is out!


We know you waited for so long as we did. We all have been through extreme and painful experiences in the past years, but here we are, standing strong and healing together. Now we're back again with the upgraded version of the Gutsy Health podcast, where we live by our promise to give you a more fun learning experience with the experts in the holistic healing industry.


We make sure that we share with you the best of the best, including those who have successfully healed through the help of the Gutsy Health membership program. Our goal is to share not only the Science of it but also the real experiences of individuals who are now SELF-HEALING CHAMPIONS.


Join us and celebrate with us as we launch the Gutsy Health...

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Big Fat Lies about Fats-Part 2

Sep 15, 2021

Episode 99: Gutsy Health Podcast 



Show Summary: “Every cell in your body has fat, your nerves, and brain. Your brain is 60% fat; that's why fat is crucial for everything.”


Cholesterol is the backbone you need to make all of your sex hormones. Every cell in your body has a phospholipid membrane that is made up of fat. That's why fats are so healthy and essential. But many started to fear consuming fats because of the epidemiological research done by Ancel Keys back in the 50s and 60s that demonized fats and said people who eat high fat die younger. But sadly, epidemiological studies are unreliable.


People who take their vitamins on an empty stomach in the morning do not absorb vitamins A, D, E, and K without fats. Fat-soluble vitamins are delivered to damaged tissues in your body to heal & repair and to have healthy neural tissue and brain function. This is why lower total cholesterol...

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Healing The Unhealable- Updating Childhood Beliefs That Made You Sick

Sep 08, 2021

Episode 96: Gutsy Health Podcast 


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Show Summary: “Our real work is to teach our kids to trust themselves.”


Human beings develop their belief systems and formulate how they see the world primarily by seven years old. That's why our upbringing greatly influences our perspectives in different life situations. Childhood experiences play a significant role in how we view things as an adult. 


Therefore, we must teach our kids and be with them as they process various emotions triggered by several events. We must show them how to trust themselves and be creative in communicating positive possibilities whenever they feel broken and sad. Be their guide and empower them with the view of curiosity so that you can train them to steer clear from limiting beliefs unconsciously.


Listen closely to this episode as Britt Lefkoe, an amazing business and personal development coach, shares multiple...

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Unpacking Death Through Life - Juanique's Story About Tristin's Life Transition

Sep 08, 2021

Episode 95: Gutsy Health Podcast 


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Show Summary: “If you can get to the heart, the universe will pour itself into you because the universe loves you. You just have to be open to receiving it.”


As most of you know, Tristin, Juanique's husband, life partner, best friend, the brains of Provo Health and Gutsy Health Podcast, passed away two weeks ago. And in this episode, Juanique shares how they turned a total-wrecked world into the most magnificent event in their lives.


When Tristin's cancer came back, it became a very dark and painful experience for them. Tristin was so traumatized that he kept all his wounds to himself and chose to suffer in silence. But Juanique figured that all the heavy emotions cancer had caused them should be addressed so they can heal.


Tristin underwent different therapies like Ketamine, Sanga & EMDR therapy to rewire the brain and help him deal with his battle....

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Conquering Cravings - How To Master Emotional Eating And Overcome Food Cravings

Sep 08, 2021

Episode 94: Gutsy Health Podcast 


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Show Summary: “When you know yourself, that's where you can find your medicine.”

Do you always feel like eating ice cream when you're alone at home?

Do you long for salty foods when you are stressed?

Do your cravings always show up?

If your answer is YES, it's OK. Many of Gina's clients experience that a lot. Even if they have meal plans to follow, their cravings always show up like a balloon that keeps coming up from underwater, and no matter how hard you push it down, it pops back up again.

Interestingly, cravings are also linked to the inability to experience emotions like boredom, sadness, and loneliness. If you find yourself munching sweets in the middle of the night, even if you're not hungry, it could be that there is an unprocessed emotion deep within you that you have to address.

But as always, Gina and Juanique discuss some handy and easy steps to start conquering...

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15 Easy Steps To Create A Healthy Living Environment

Sep 08, 2021

Episode 93: Gutsy Health Podcast 


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“Stop bringing in chemicals that are harmful to you and your family's health. Your home should be clean and safe because it is your SANCTUARY.”


Your home is your safest place. That's where you rest, eat healthy and fun foods, spend time and build dreams with your loved ones. And because of the restrictions caused by the pandemic, sometimes there is no other choice for you but to stay home. But it can be quite alarming to know that even the simple things around your home can give you inflammation and worse, can poison you.


The world runs differently right now, and many things are created to make your life much easier but can destroy your health faster even if you're at home relaxing, like the gadgets you use daily. Devices help you reach people who are far from you, and it automates your activities. Some products help you clean your house but slowly...

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