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Healing The Unhealable- Updating Childhood Beliefs That Made You Sick

Sep 07, 2021

Episode 96: Gutsy Health Podcast 


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Show Summary: “Our real work is to teach our kids to trust themselves.”


Human beings develop their belief systems and formulate how they see the world primarily by seven years old. That's why our upbringing greatly influences our perspectives in different life situations. Childhood experiences play a significant role in how we view things as an adult. 


Therefore, we must teach our kids and be with them as they process various emotions triggered by several events. We must show them how to trust themselves and be creative in communicating positive possibilities whenever they feel broken and sad. Be their guide and empower them with the view of curiosity so that you can train them to steer clear from limiting beliefs unconsciously.


Listen closely to this episode as Britt Lefkoe, an amazing business and personal development coach, shares multiple...

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Unpacking Death Through Life - Juanique's Story About Tristin's Life Transition

Sep 07, 2021

Episode 95: Gutsy Health Podcast 


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Show Summary: “If you can get to the heart, the universe will pour itself into you because the universe loves you. You just have to be open to receiving it.”


As most of you know, Tristin, Juanique's husband, life partner, best friend, the brains of Provo Health and Gutsy Health Podcast, passed away two weeks ago. And in this episode, Juanique shares how they turned a total-wrecked world into the most magnificent event in their lives.


When Tristin's cancer came back, it became a very dark and painful experience for them. Tristin was so traumatized that he kept all his wounds to himself and chose to suffer in silence. But Juanique figured that all the heavy emotions cancer had caused them should be addressed so they can heal.


Tristin underwent different therapies like Ketamine, Sanga & EMDR therapy to rewire the brain and help him deal with his battle....

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Conquering Cravings - How To Master Emotional Eating And Overcome Food Cravings

Sep 07, 2021

Episode 94: Gutsy Health Podcast 


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Show Summary: “When you know yourself, that's where you can find your medicine.”

Do you always feel like eating ice cream when you're alone at home?

Do you long for salty foods when you are stressed?

Do your cravings always show up?

If your answer is YES, it's OK. Many of Gina's clients experience that a lot. Even if they have meal plans to follow, their cravings always show up like a balloon that keeps coming up from underwater, and no matter how hard you push it down, it pops back up again.

Interestingly, cravings are also linked to the inability to experience emotions like boredom, sadness, and loneliness. If you find yourself munching sweets in the middle of the night, even if you're not hungry, it could be that there is an unprocessed emotion deep within you that you have to address.

But as always, Gina and Juanique discuss some handy and easy steps to start conquering...

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15 Easy Steps To Create A Healthy Living Environment

Sep 07, 2021

Episode 93: Gutsy Health Podcast 


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“Stop bringing in chemicals that are harmful to you and your family's health. Your home should be clean and safe because it is your SANCTUARY.”


Your home is your safest place. That's where you rest, eat healthy and fun foods, spend time and build dreams with your loved ones. And because of the restrictions caused by the pandemic, sometimes there is no other choice for you but to stay home. But it can be quite alarming to know that even the simple things around your home can give you inflammation and worse, can poison you.


The world runs differently right now, and many things are created to make your life much easier but can destroy your health faster even if you're at home relaxing, like the gadgets you use daily. Devices help you reach people who are far from you, and it automates your activities. Some products help you clean your house but slowly...

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Neurological Effects Of Sugar & Insulin

Jun 14, 2021

Episode 92: Gutsy Health Podcast 


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Show Summary: “Give your brain a break, let it be the true hybrid engine that it wants to be, and quit depriving it of this alternative or additional fuel, namely ketones.”


A lot of people have requested for Dr. Benjamin Bikman to be in the podcast again, and he's back with more valuable information that can save you and your family's lives! In the 89th episode, he discussed how glucose could kill and how it triggers different diseases when it goes up. Now, he'll discuss how it could affect the human body's neurological health.


When the brain is hungry, it can cause neurological problems. It's because the brain can't get enough energy from glucose, and there are simply no ketones around to provide the alternative fuel. Sadly, people usually eat sugary & starchy foods that don't have ketones, depriving the brain of what it needs.



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Mindset - The First Order of Healing

Jun 07, 2021

Episode 91: Gutsy Health Podcast 


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Show Summary: “When you do the work, and you don't bypass your mindset, your life shifts for the better and you start to channel your inner power”


The Master Your Subconscious Workshop has finally wrapped up. Twenty women learned to channel their inner power and discovered that they could do amazing things and effortlessly heal. The workshop taught them how important mindset is in healing that helped them shift their energy and frequency.


Working on your mindset can be challenging if you do it alone. But it can be easier if you work on it from the inside out instead of outside in. And in this episode, Dr. Elizabeth Rogers, a master healer, and expert in custom holistic health services, shares some simple exercises you can consistently do every day to start manifesting powerful energy and regain control of your life.


Please share this with your...

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Dental Health - How It Relates To Autoimmune & Other Body Health Issues

May 31, 2021

Episode 90: Gutsy Health Podcast 


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Show Summary: “When you improve gut health, you also improve dental health. Adding minerals back to our body helps heal the teeth.”

A beautiful set of teeth makes you more attractive and confident. And dentists have different ways to do that. One of those is dental amalgam or silver fillings. You can also buy toothpaste with high fluoride content everywhere because it can prevent cavities or tooth decay.


However, silver fillings and fluoride may not be the best solution to your tooth problem. Silver fillings have fifty percent mercury which is dangerous to your health, and fluoride makes your bones very brittle. Sadly, tooth decay is not the only dental issue that exists. Mouth structure can also be a dental health problem that can affect your breathing seriously.


In this episode with Dr. Michelle Jorgensen, an author, speaker, teacher, biologic/holistic...

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Insulin, Sugar & Blood Sugar - An Explanation

May 24, 2021

Episode 89: Gutsy Health Podcast 


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Show Summary: “When blood sugar stays in the bloodstream, it causes inflammation and damage to other organs.”


Last week's episode with Dr. Benjamin Bikman was a very beneficial & comprehensive education about insulin and blood glucose. He spoke about the biochemistry of what happens in the body when we overeat sugar and how we get sick from hormone dysfunction and inflammation.


But for those who find it quite overwhelming and technical, Juanique and Gina created a short bonus episode for you, which explains the mechanism of glucose & insulin. They use different and simple analogies to help you understand better how to monitor the food you eat, the daily activities you do, and familiarize yourself with the terminologies you can use to educate your loved ones.


Don't forget to share this with your family and friends who have listened to the...

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Insulin - The Root Cause of Disease

May 17, 2021

Episode 86: Gutsy Health Podcast 


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Show Summary: “When glucose goes up, it can kill you.”


Essentially, human metabolism is fueled by two energy sources, those are glucose and fat. But too much intake, especially of glucose, puts your health at risk. That's where insulin comes in, which keeps your blood glucose within the normal range.


Every cell responds to insulin differently. So if a person has insulin resistance, it means that some of his cells are resistant (ex. muscle). While, some are sensitive as they were (ex. cells in the ovaries or on the adrenal gland), which sends the wrong signal to the body to produce more hormones and causes a vast dysfunction.


In this episode with Dr. Benjamin Bikman, the author of the book Why We Get Sick, they break the misconception about insulin resistance. They also discuss why monitoring your insulin (not just your glucose) can be your lifesaver....

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