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S2E48 - How to Eat Healthy During Holidays

Dec 05, 2022


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"Let's talk about staying healthy during the holidays. Hopefully, maintaining healthy habits is not overwhelming but fun to do. You are excited to do it for the 'future you'. So when Thanksgiving, Christmas, and work parties come by, you are bombarded with sweets and fun food. What do you do?"


The holidays have arrived. And since 'tis, the season for gatherings with family and friends, equating free-flowing food with happiness and connection seems to be automatic.


This is why extending healthy eating during festivities can be so challenging. Instead of looking at it as a diet or restriction, flipping your perspective on how to make it a lifestyle will make it more sustainable for the long term.


Here at the Gutsy Health Podcast, we teach you the tools and mindset to avoid binge eating, pacify those cravings, and have zero guilt and shame regarding food.


In this episode, we reveal these helpful steps so that the...

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S2E47 - Enjoy Symptom-Free Periods Now

Nov 28, 2022


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"Women have been lied to over and over again. It's common to assume that period symptoms are normal because everybody has them. But imagine a life where you're no longer planning around your monthly cycle. You're not falling apart, your energy is consistent, and your mood is good and stable."


Most women expect a dreadful Premenstrual Syndrome (PMS) every month. Nausea, cramping, and migraines are just a few symptoms that female adolescents expect, and there's no other way to deal but through pain relievers and birth control pills.


Suffering from dramatic periods as an adolescent, she is unwilling to accept conventional medicine as the final solution. Yet, without a logical explanation from her doctor, she refused to believe this was her fate.


Our guest, Dr. Annie Savage, is a naturopathic physician trained in female hormones, functional endocrinology, and bio-identical hormone therapy. For her, symptom-free periods are...

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S2E46 - Resetting Your System with Cryotherapy

Nov 21, 2022



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"Cold therapy is one of the best things you can do for vagal tone. When people are chronically in fight or flight, it gets you out of that and helps you get you into parasympathetic states again.”

Despite our earnest attempts for vitality, no one is exempt from experiencing stress, depression, inflammation and other kinds of neurological disturbances. When your body is groaning in agony and your mind is buried in a deep, dark place, you may not realize it but getting shocked to reset your system is just what you desperately need.


And because it happens even to the most health conscious of us, knowing the advanced modalities out there gives you an edge especially when you’re a case that doctors can’t point a finger to. Along with the famed Hyperbaric Chamber available at Provo Health, there’s also the Cryotherapy Chamber which is also a game changer in making you feel amazing once again - for only three...

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S2E45 - Empowering Yourself After Covid-19

Nov 14, 2022


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"Whether you get the vaccine or natural infection from COVID, the spike protein destroys the blood vessels which causes clots that restrict oxygen flow. Numbness and systemic inflammation occur to critically-high functioning organs like your heart and brain. The immune system also produces abnormal lymphocytes, so you get deranged responses that last for months."


COVID-19 has shaken the world since 2020. Encountering medical cases that were previously unheard of, the future may seem bleak and frightening. And with the threat looming to wreck our bodies in unpredictable ways, prioritizing our overall health is of utmost importance.


Since COVID is a new virus, we are still in the early stages of understanding and having information about it. Therefore, doctors also collaborate and share data from their on-the-ground experiences so they can have an answer for every patient that struggles with weird, post-recovery symptoms.



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S2E44 - From Infertility to Becoming a Mother

Nov 07, 2022


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"When you go on a conception journey, your husband becomes invested. I try not to get my hopes up, so I took a pregnancy test the next morning without telling him. Then I jumped on the bed and woke him up because it says, ‘We're pregnant!’

Many couples now face the difficulty of conceiving babies. Along with the textbook PCOS symptoms, the rise in infertility issues has made it an emotionally charged topic among women who desperately need to regulate their period so they can finally get pregnant.


Exactly a year ago, a Gutsy Health member shared the breakthrough of having her period back after being on birth control for 13 years. After trying IVF and other methods with no results, she sought knowledge to heal herself and overhaul her way of life.


Our guest, Katie Vaal, is back. After inspiring listeners on how she spurred her fertility, she now shares the exact steps that she took to become a soon-to-be mom...

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S2E43 - The Correlation of Post-Covid Syndrome to Brain Dysfunction

Oct 31, 2022


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"Without pharmaceuticals and surgery, we use external methods to rehab an injured brain. And I reached that point where we see semblances of post-concussion syndrome with these long COVID cases. It mimics brain injury."

Covid-19 is originally known as a respiratory disease. And since it broke out, there have been growing studies and anecdotal evidence from the ground that it also hurts the other body systems.

Experiencing its devastating effects months after her recovery, Juanique has hypothesized that Covid-19 acts like the Epstein-Barr virus, where it awakens other dormant viruses in your body. As a related result, it has caused mood disorders and absurd neurological symptoms that unaware doctors would dismiss with a prescription of antibiotics or antidepressants.

Holding a niche practice, Dr. Kenneth Oliver is a chiropractic neurologist who rehabilitates brain injuries and neurological dysfunction through external modalities such as...

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S2E42 - The Science of Food Cravings

Oct 31, 2022

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"Everybody wants to change. But we can’t because we are all addicts. Our drug is sugar and we have food that gives pleasure to our brain, so we can’t let go of it.”


We all desire to be healthier. And when we actually attempt to, our usual resolutions would be to cut down on anything ‘unhealthy’ that we can think of. Sipping coffee less in the morning and taking out carbs in the evening. This path becomes an uphill battle that only backfires on us. 


Food addiction has always been an in-demand subject. Even though we have listened to and agreed to all the experts’ advice, we just can’t seem to get past these cravings. It’s like answering the call of nature, and we have no logical control over it.


Gutsy Health Podcast Co-host, Gina Worful, is a schooled dietitian that struggled with her own food cravings. Thanks to her experience, she is the best resource to unpack the secret of how to satisfy...

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S2E41 - How Love Holds Space for Healing

Oct 31, 2022


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"The heart is infinite. When going through a heavy, traumatic experience, it is easy to shut down your heart and mourn. But since the universe is infinite, you can always try to remind yourself that when one door closes, another one might open. There’s always opportunity for growth and movement.”

“Healing happens” is a phrase we use to remind people that their bodies are capable of miraculous things when given the right tools. But so are hearts. They heal too when given the right tools, circumstance and people. It just takes the right person to come and touch hearts and bring it back to life again.


Today’s episode is a very special one. At the onset, it may seem personal and not health-related, yet since healing is the core premise of Gutsy Health Podcast, we also believe that stories of love are healing for people. Love heals.


So if you have been an intimate follower of Juanique, our guest Ryan Grover...

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S2E40 - Mastering Blood Sugar to Master Weight Loss and Hormones

Oct 21, 2022

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"The pillar of fixing hormones is balancing your blood sugar before you do anything. Even with supplements, if fluctuating blood sugar is not addressed, you will fail because you’re constantly inflamed and not fueling your cells properly.”

Confusing and outdated health advice crowds the industry today. Too much emphasis has been given on limiting carbs, calorie counts and diets. Most certified dietitians also do not understand metabolism, or how fast our bodies burn fat or manufacture sugar into energy that we could actually use.

Stabilizing blood sugar is THE topic that we all ought to talk about. Aside from the dreaded diabetes, did you know the high correlation of unchecked glucose with cardiovascular disease, cancer and other maladies? Also, not to mention that insulin resistance is a huge factor behind stubborn belly fat, excessive food cravings, brain fog, low energy and inflammation, just to name a few.

Gutsy Health Podcast...

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Blood Chemistry Analysis Explained

Oct 07, 2022

So you’re feeling off and your doctor orders some blood tests, but when the results come in you are told “everything looks normal”. Yet, despite this you still don’t feel well and are convinced that something is going on… sound familiar?

This is actually a very common experience, which typically results from the way conventional blood testing is interpreted. It’s not uncommon for people to start feeling unwell long before their blood markers move outside the traditional ‘normal’ range.

Many people who feel unwell will typically have ‘normal’ results on a blood test. However, normal is by no means the same as optimal! Blood markers may have not yet progressed to a state of diagnosable disease, but they may be far from what is considered ideal or healthy.

The issue isn’t that blood testing is a poor diagnostic tool, far from it. The issue is that the reference ranges used on traditional blood tests are far too broad...

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