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S2E54 - Feel Your Way To Heal

Jan 23, 2023


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Letting my body feel emotion because throughout this, I tried to not let myself feel it because it was so heavy. And she taught us to just let your body feel it to work through it. And I can feel my body starting to process everything and not hold on to it as a bad thing. This is just a part of my story. And that's okay and it's a beautiful thing. Yes, it's hard. But now that's a part of me.


Your body is your temple. And when it's functioning as expected, taking it for granted, ignoring its subtle signs for help, and altogether shoving its needs aside is a path all too easy to take. Until it gets ugly it catches your attention.


You may not know it yet but your body is doing its best to keep you alive. When you educate yourself and begin to grasp the depth of that sentence alone, you would definitely love and appreciate your body more.


Our guest, Taylor Herrera, is an expert of her own healing journey. After...

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S2E53 - Easing Menopause with Bioidentical Hormones

Jan 16, 2023


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"About 30 years ago, a patient stomped into my office. She wanted me to pay attention because she said she was going crazy, which was a surprise. After all, this is a very successful woman who retired in her mid-40s. She was in perimenopause, so I gave her some progesterone. Three weeks later, I got a letter from her saying, 'Oh my god, I can't believe this. I'm myself again, thank you so much.' That caught my attention because this was a dramatic result. It happened with so little time."


Women who undergo midlife crises are often punctuated with the unpleasant effects of menopause. Aside from hot flashes, mood swings, sleeping disorders, body aches, muscle loss, osteoporosis, and incontinence can easily diminish their confidence and self-esteem.


At the ripe age when knowledge, experience, and wisdom are supposedly at their peak, the sudden hormone shift can cause their life to fall over the cliff. Looking at the depressing...

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S2E52 - BioIdentical Hormone Replacement Therapy

Jan 09, 2023


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"So my sister was diagnosed with LCIS, and there were areas of concern on her breast. The doctor recommended 'watch and wait' or mastectomy, and she was in turmoil. I asked her to take progesterone hormones, and after a month, she went back for her MRI, and the abnormal cells were undetectable."


Conventional medicine entails treating patients already in the end stages of their diseases. However, even if this is the norm, it pays to ask if there is anything we can do to correct or arrest an illness before it becomes chronic or fatal.


What if we can prevent sickness? Are there destructive lifestyle habits or seismic life shifts that are worth noting? What other factors contributed to today's results? When it comes to health, these are the underlying questions that beg for answers.


Our guest, Sharon Miller Keller, is a nurse practitioner and gives custom consultations on female hormones at Provo Health. With a long history in...

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S2E51 - Integrative Cancer Care with Chinese Medicine

Jan 02, 2023


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"I started working at her second ovarian cancer recurrence, and there's more metastasis. She cried and said, 'My cancer came back because I had chocolate cake at my daughter's birthday.' That was a pivotal moment in my practice, so I said, 'I think it's more important that you focus on the joy of your daughter's birthday and that you enjoyed that chocolate cake."


Confirming a cancer diagnosis can feel like a death sentence. The fear surrounding it, on top of pity and well-meaning suggestions from family and friends, adds to the confusion and stress of the situation.


That is why navigating a clear path to healing can be challenging, and finding a cancer care plan that is compassionate and humane is a breath of fresh air in nursing the patient back to vibrant health.


Our guest, Dr. Bianca Di Giulio, L.Ac., is a Doctor of Acupuncture and Chinese Medicine. Co-authoring a book on Integrative Oncology with her husband, they...

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S2E50 - Unpacking the Superfood Moringa

Dec 19, 2022


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"Based on the scientific research of Dr. Jed Fahey, who started the Chemo Protective Institute at Johns Hopkins University, cruciferous Moringa and Broccoli share closest properties such as the NRF2 pathways and sulforaphane, which detoxifies and fights off cancer."


Moringa is the phenomenal superfood you never thought you needed. A humble yet miraculous tree found in third world countries, its leaves are the locals' secret that keeps their bodies healthy and strong. 


Declared the national vegetable in the Philippines and a staple of ancient Ayurvedic medicine, it is a source of 49 vitamins, minerals, and essential amino acids, not to mention the abundant medicinal benefits of its tiny leaves and the entire tree.


Our guest, Lisa Curtis, is the CEO and Founder of Kuli Kuli Inc. She was a former Peace Corps assigned to Niger, Africa, and as a vegetarian, she survived only through the subsistence of rice and millet....

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S2E49 - The Soul and Science of Healing - Gina Worful's Story

Dec 12, 2022


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"If there is anything we would have changed in our healing journey, before going into the body, we would have gone to the emotions and worked on the heart and soul first. Mindset includes being mindful, regulating your nervous system, processing your feelings, and connecting to your body."


As a society, we are hardwired to base our worth on our achievements. Driven daily by motivation and other people's successes, we take pride in overworking to exhaustion. Our bodies beg for pause and rest, yet we cannot sit still, even for a moment.


The mind, body, and soul are created to be connected. And if this connection is severed, like an engine out of alignment, it is only a matter of time before it conks out with weird, uncontrollable issues.


Today we feature our beloved Gutsy Podcast co-host, Gina Worful. As a certified dietitian and holder of a Master's in Human Nutrition, she narrates the story of her traumatic birth and the...

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S2E48 - How to Eat Healthy During Holidays

Dec 05, 2022


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"Let's talk about staying healthy during the holidays. Hopefully, maintaining healthy habits is not overwhelming but fun to do. You are excited to do it for the 'future you'. So when Thanksgiving, Christmas, and work parties come by, you are bombarded with sweets and fun food. What do you do?"


The holidays have arrived. And since 'tis, the season for gatherings with family and friends, equating free-flowing food with happiness and connection seems to be automatic.


This is why extending healthy eating during festivities can be so challenging. Instead of looking at it as a diet or restriction, flipping your perspective on how to make it a lifestyle will make it more sustainable for the long term.


Here at the Gutsy Health Podcast, we teach you the tools and mindset to avoid binge eating, pacify those cravings, and have zero guilt and shame regarding food.


In this episode, we reveal these helpful steps so that the...

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S2E47 - Enjoy Symptom-Free Periods Now

Nov 28, 2022


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"Women have been lied to over and over again. It's common to assume that period symptoms are normal because everybody has them. But imagine a life where you're no longer planning around your monthly cycle. You're not falling apart, your energy is consistent, and your mood is good and stable."


Most women expect a dreadful Premenstrual Syndrome (PMS) every month. Nausea, cramping, and migraines are just a few symptoms that female adolescents expect, and there's no other way to deal but through pain relievers and birth control pills.


Suffering from dramatic periods as an adolescent, she is unwilling to accept conventional medicine as the final solution. Yet, without a logical explanation from her doctor, she refused to believe this was her fate.


Our guest, Dr. Annie Savage, is a naturopathic physician trained in female hormones, functional endocrinology, and bio-identical hormone therapy. For her, symptom-free periods are...

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S2E46 - Resetting Your System with Cryotherapy

Nov 21, 2022



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"Cold therapy is one of the best things you can do for vagal tone. When people are chronically in fight or flight, it gets you out of that and helps you get you into parasympathetic states again.”

Despite our earnest attempts for vitality, no one is exempt from experiencing stress, depression, inflammation and other kinds of neurological disturbances. When your body is groaning in agony and your mind is buried in a deep, dark place, you may not realize it but getting shocked to reset your system is just what you desperately need.


And because it happens even to the most health conscious of us, knowing the advanced modalities out there gives you an edge especially when you’re a case that doctors can’t point a finger to. Along with the famed Hyperbaric Chamber available at Provo Health, there’s also the Cryotherapy Chamber which is also a game changer in making you feel amazing once again - for only three...

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S2E45 - Empowering Yourself After Covid-19

Nov 14, 2022


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"Whether you get the vaccine or natural infection from COVID, the spike protein destroys the blood vessels which causes clots that restrict oxygen flow. Numbness and systemic inflammation occur to critically-high functioning organs like your heart and brain. The immune system also produces abnormal lymphocytes, so you get deranged responses that last for months."


COVID-19 has shaken the world since 2020. Encountering medical cases that were previously unheard of, the future may seem bleak and frightening. And with the threat looming to wreck our bodies in unpredictable ways, prioritizing our overall health is of utmost importance.


Since COVID is a new virus, we are still in the early stages of understanding and having information about it. Therefore, doctors also collaborate and share data from their on-the-ground experiences so they can have an answer for every patient that struggles with weird, post-recovery symptoms.



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