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S2E19 - The Future of Healing Through Ketamine

May 09, 2022

Show Summary: "Ketamine creates the death of the ego. It takes those things you've been keeping alive with your ego and says they no longer serve a purpose."


Cancer patients and their caregivers go through many challenges that lead to psychological problems like anxiety and depression. And the standard talk therapy that happens between patients and psychiatrists isn't enough. In recent years, some people put up Ketamine clinics. But these clinics are just cash cows and still do not help in addressing the psychological experiences that cancer patients and their caregivers go through. 


So in this episode, I am deeply honored to have Krista Andersen, my partner, in putting up our Ketamine clinic. She has been dealing with cancer as a caregiver at an early age since her mom was diagnosed with lung cancer when she was ten years old. Then her sister, and then her. But amazingly, she is now at the stage of moving forward to being in remission. 



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S2E18 - EMDR Therapy for Mental Health & Healing

May 04, 2022

Show Summary: "EMDR targets part of the past; then, it targets current triggers, and then it does the future template.”


Getting your mindset right is the first important step in starting your healing journey. Suppose your brain isn't working for you but is working against you, or if you have this neuro wiring for trauma, PTSD, or highly intense emotional reactions, it's because that's what protected you or saved you many years ago. 


Sadly, if that's how your brain still works, your body won't feel good. It'll be in a fight or flight response, and you need to get out of that dominant sympathetic response and get into a parasympathetic state, which is rest & digest, to heal. But some people think that it's difficult to do because it'll take years to get past their trauma.


We all know that talk therapy is helpful, but other therapies can also help you resolve one traumatic memory at a time so your brain can start rationalizing negative...

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S2E17 - Healing DOES Happen & This is How with Jasmine Dulin

Apr 25, 2022

Show Summary: "Healing can be fun. It can be inflow, and it can be easy. It's not hard work. You just need to set your intention."


If you have been used to being sick or depressed, Healing may look like hard work. In our modern world filled with Transformation Tuesdays, it isn't easy to talk about one's healing journey from the point of view of our guest for this episode. 


From suicidal ideation to embracing her Healing timeline, join our discussion with Jasmine Dulin, one of our Gutsy Health Academy members. Jasmine grew up with her mom, who used food as medicine. But upon finishing college, she started getting weird health symptoms. She couldn't exercise because she was injury-prone, and she has since struggled with terrible anxiety. She discovered the Gutsy Health Podcast when she badly needed something to take her mind off of suicidal ideation. And ever before, she decided to change her habits and learn all that she could, especially with food and...

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Never Overlook Mindset When it Comes to Healing with Beliefs

Apr 18, 2022

Show Summary: "If we believe something is dangerous, it creates fear. If we believe something is safe, it creates calmness in our body."


Mindset is everything. It is the way that we experience the world. Mindset is the very first item in the order of healing. Without the proper mindset, healing will take a longer time to happen. Our conscious and subconscious belief systems can build up or deteriorate our bodies. Whatever we think of happens to our bodies. That is why our special guest for today gives us a glimpse of the fantastic possibilities that could happen when you join us in the Gutsy Health Academy. 


Britt Lefkoe is one of the most amazing mindset coaches we've ever met. She continues the groundbreaking work of her father, Morty Lefkoe. Their belief-based and neuro-scientific approach to personal development has been of great help to individuals and organizations around the world. I have personally witnessed what she can do in an hour as...

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How To Go From Victim To Hero In Your Healing Journey

Apr 11, 2022

Show Summary: "There is a lot of mindset shifting when people embark on a healing journey. It can sometimes be scary or isolating, and we want to break down those barriers for our members."


Our mission here at the Gutsy Health Podcast has always been to help people become self-healing champions. And a champion is always a hero, never a victim. Being sick, especially with a debilitating disease, can cause negative thinking, insecurity, and loneliness. We are here to delete all of the negativities that cause you to get more sick by helping you change your mindset and making you feel that you are not alone. 


The current model for our health care is just not working. As we are truth seekers, we only want the best for you, and certain practices cause harm rather than good for our bodies. We want to empower more people with knowledge and skills that allow them to think about their health critically. We share whatever knowledge we have through this...

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How To Heal Your Gut To Heal Your Body

Apr 04, 2022

Show Summary: "This is the future, and it is how I see our world changing: by becoming our own healing experts."


We talk about our favorite topic: healing the gut, in this episode. This episode is similar to the first class of our Gutsy Health Membership, where we help our members understand how the nervous system and the gut are intertwined. For our long-time listeners, we bet you already know what you should prioritize in the gut-healing, but let's discuss it even more.


Nowadays, we normalize gut imbalances, which is not what most people should experience, like being bloated after every meal. Here in the Gutsy Health podcast, we always tell you the symptoms of a leaky gut. And we'll never get tired of reminding you about it because it is not normal, and normal is having a well-functioning & healed body. 


Remember, stress ruins your gut. And in our modern world, we always sit in front of our computers while we work the whole day. Sadly, it...

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The Vision of Conscious Healing Clinics for Cancer and Lyme Patients

Apr 04, 2022

Show Summary: "I want to provide incredible services for cancer patients and help fund the means for their treatments and let them realize they're not alone."


Most of Juanique's followers and listeners know that Tristan reveals himself to her through rainbows, and she always sees rainbows. She sees them everywhere. During a friend's funeral, she saw an upside-down rainbow that seemed to be going around the sun. That same day, she received a DM from someone on Instagram who was also present at the funeral, and she thanked her for all the things she had done for the cancer community. 


But here are Juanique's thoughts. "I have done nothing but run from the cancer community because I was still healing from mental trauma. But I won't be running anymore. Seeing the rainbow and the sun fueled me to have bigger plans for the cancer community."


So in this episode, Juanique shares her vision - her plans and dreams for cancer and Lyme patients - by...

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Every Child Is Different with Dr. Joel "Gator" Warsh

Mar 21, 2022

Show Summary: "Having healthy, firm, loving boundaries around food is not punishing your child. It's teaching them a skill that will keep them healthy throughout their lives." 


In our fast-paced world, we have gotten used to eating instant or processed food or food that is easy to prepare. Most of the time, we order from fast-food restaurants. If we go to the grocery, we skip checking labels and shoot whatever we think is delicious inside our grocery carts. But are we aware of the content of these foods and their effects on mental health? Especially with children who are still developing their brains? 


For this episode, we have Dr. Joel "Gator" Warsh with us, who discuss mental development in children. He is an integrative and holistic pediatrician who also has a Master's Degree in Epidemiology and Community Health. He balances Western medicine and natural medicine in treating his patients. Listen as he unravels why mental health issues in children...

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Healing Your Body Through Whole Foods

Mar 15, 2022

Show Summary: ”The power of how we feel emotionally & physically is at the end of our fork.”


The Covid-19 pandemic highlighted physical effects on those who caught the virus. But physical effects are for those who got sick. Meanwhile, the rest of the world struggles with psychological impacts like depression and anxiety. What can we do to address these physical and psychological issues? Do we meditate, change our routines, and take medicines to cope? Or can we also turn to our natural medicine - food? But it isn't about fad diets or being an extreme vegan or an extreme carnivore or even restricting yourself from eating certain foods. It is just about knowing which foods are good for your body. 


In this episode, we are super thrilled to have Dr. Uma Naidoo. She is the first woman "triple threat" in the food and medicine space since her skills are the perfect mix of the professionals that this world needs at our present time: a...

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Facing Trauma & Your Shadow Self To Truly Heal

Mar 08, 2022

Show Summary: "We have psychological problems that food alone cannot fix. But if we get to the belief systems that created a neurological pathway in our brains that set us up for failure, we can reverse it. "


We do not have a guest for this episode as Gina and I catch up on what's happening with our lives. People were asking how I was after Tristin died, so I want to share my healing journey around this trauma. I know that a lot of you out there are dealing with hardships on your own.  


And so we discuss how you can face your trauma and your shadow self to heal truly. Because there are problems that food alone can't fix, and our greatest fears give us the feeling of being unsafe and unloved. We have to dig deeper into our beings to heal truly. But we can't do this alone, and we need someone to guide us. And sometimes, we also need substances like Ketamine which we discussed in Episode 8, to facilitate faster processes. 


If you are...

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